Melon & Avocado Salad with a Fresh Ginger Vinaigrette

Time to pull out the melon baller that’s been sitting in your kitchen drawer for years. Melon is a great source of potassium and avocados are rich in vitamin E and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. For a vegan version, simply omit the salmon.


Serves: 6-8
Keeps: melon and avocado (separately) up to 12 hours
in the fridge
Per serving: 285 cals, 25 g carbs

For the ginger vinaigrette
2 tsp lemon juice
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
1⁄2 tsp mustard powder
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp walnut oil
good pinch of sea salt
8 grinds of black pepper generous pinch ground ginger

For the salad
3 large ripe avocados
1 ripe Galia, Ogen,
or honeydew melon
1⁄2 small seedless watermelon 125 g (4 oz)
Fennel or Beetroot Cured Salmon
sprigs of basil, mint or dill

Put the lemon juice, vinegar and mustard into a screw-top jar and shake well. Add the rest of the vinaigrette ingredients and shake again to form a creamy emulsion.

Halve and pit the avocados, then use the smaller end of a melon baller to scoop out balls. If you don’t have a melon baller, quarter then peel the pitted avocados and cut the flesh into 2.5cm (1”) cubes. Submerge the avocado in the vinaigrette and chill for several hours.

Use the melon baller to scoop out the flesh from the halved and seeded melons, or remove the skin and cut the flesh into 2.5 cm (1”) cubes. Place in a sieve over a bowl and chill. Roll up each slice of salmon into a long thin roll, cover with clingfilm, and chill.

Up to an hour before serving, add the melon to the avocado and mix gently. Cut each roll of salmon into tiny rolls, each about 2 cm (3⁄4”) long.

To serve, divide the melon and avocado and their dressing between 6 or 8 glasses or small dishes, add 3 rolls of salmon to each, and finish with sprigs or leaves of the herbs.

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